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Christian Linder & SMG - Flames - 12inch - PHO018

With his fourth runner up on Phono Elements he holds the almost dying quality standards up high not only due to the success of 'Polaris', 'Ultramagnatic' or 'Circular Motion'. It was more than an honor that Christian Linder mixed the first Phono Elements compilation, too . You can almost bet on it that this record will be the one that will mostly be thrown on the tables through nervously awaiting DJ´s this summer. Christian Linder and and his partner Stefan (SMG) moves in Christian`s usuall enviroment Tech-House Style, but still seems to start a new creation the bares his trademark. A pulstrating, omnipresent Beat, covered with dreamscape sequences, upflamming breaks, and the fine coordinated arrangement gives the project the presice name: 'FLAMES'. Because it burns! burns turntables, burns when listening, burns when dancing. A new Flambeau carrier, that has no intention at all, to tell us how these Flames go out.

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