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PHONO ELEMENTS COMPILATION - 100% Live mixed by Christian Linder - PHOCD01

For more than two years, Phono Elements is now contributing on a regular basis to the international techno movement, department deep Techno tunes and kicking Techhouse. The feedback from all parts of the world couldn't be any better: already shortly after its launch, Phono Elements was considered to belong to the big players of the global techno scene and it was especially the well-chosen selection of releases that brought much respect to the still young label. One of the most reputated artists on Phono Elements is Christian Lindner who managed to put out one hit after the other to his strong PHO debut 'Solaris' and represented the trademark sound of the label like no other. And it's only a logical conclusion that it is Christian Lindner, too, who is presenting this review on his and the work of his Phono Elements colleagues in an outstanding 100% live mix. The result is not only an exceptional anthology showing the first-rate quality of production within the Phono Elements back catalogue but it is also a series of unforgettable techno moments created by the likes of Silent Treatment (the common project of Pascal F.E.O.S and the Croatian techno impressario Petar Dundov aka Brothers Yard), the great Holger Flinsch and, of course, Würzburgs only original, Sebbo, together with Mike v.d. Viven. If there was something like a historical collection of electronic music, this compilation could easily to claim its place in it without a doubt.

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